I have always considered myself to be a social person, but a lot of the social aspect stops at the environment I met the specific person. For instance, if I meet someone in class that I think is pretty dope I might talk to them a lot in class and have that thought, They would be a super cool person to hang out with, but I will never take that initiative to ask them to hang out outside of class. A lot of time this is out of the fear that it could be awkward and whatnot and not knowing what we would even talk about. But then I see all these people that hang out with so many people and I’m like “Why can’t I do that?!” I mean I think that I am a pretty dope person once you get through my awkward exterior.

It’s not that I want  a lot of friends and to be ‘popular’ and whatnot. I am actually a firm believer that you only need a couple of great friends as opposed to lots of friends that you may not have the greatest relationship with. But when I think about it, it’s actually nice when you diversify your friend group. There are certain friends that I particularly enjoy thrifting with, and I have another friend that I really enjoy hiking with, and another friend that I enjoy nights out with, and my closest friends that I love just talking with and having deep meaningful conversation with, and the list goes on and on. Maybe now I want to make a friend that I enjoy filming with, or watching Riverdale with, or roller skating with. I feel like I’ve been so stagnant on the ideology that I only need a few friends that I have unintentionally shut out the possibility of making new friends. So, if you know me from class or a club or something feel free to hit me up or maybe I’ll take that initiative to hit you up first (let’s be real, probably not, so please hit me up).

Anyways thats all for now folks. I will probably write more later on this week because the stress will definitely get to me.

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