The first protest I ever took part in what a Black Lives Matter Rally. I didn’t plan to participate that day, but I saw my peers from high school, adults, and young youth of color participating and I felt compelled to take part. I was 16 years old and I was tired of seeing life after life taken from Black and Brown communities. There were not many of us participating in that protest; I’d say it was maybe 200 people but each and every person in that protest knew and believed in what we were fighting for. That Black Live Matter protest didn’t appeal to the masses as the Women’s March and the March For Our Lives has. However, ever person that attended the protest took action outside of the streets where the protest took place, whether it be as a leader in their community or by speaking at events. That protest inspired me to write about injustices that occur within communities of color in my school newspaper, which allowed young people that may not otherwise read about issues within the black and brown communities to hear about it from the perspective of a Black woman.

With that being said, I hope that everyone that went to the march doesn’t just leave it at that. Yes, in going to the march you did play a role but without taking action there will be no change. Some actions you can take: Register to vote, Call your legislators, Sign the petition (, Run for state legislator (If you are really ambitious), Write letters to your lawmakers, Vote vote vote.

(To hear my entire spiel I recommend watching my entire video)

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