So, at the moment I am sick. When I am sick I always am stuck with the decision on whether to take medicine to get better or just use natural remedies like tea and salt water.

(Sorry, this post is so random and will be fairly short, it is also one in the morning and I can’t fall asleep)

It is not that I don’t believe medicine works, I just never see the results on me. For instance, when I have a headache it will eventually go away and if I take an Advil for my headache it tends to go away in the same time frame than if I hadn’t taken an Advil. Same thing when I have a cold; the cold will eventually go away whether or not I talk medicine. Another thing that strays me away from taking medicine is my fear that my body will not train itself to fight off the bacteria by itself without the help of an outside source.

Growing up my parents made some decisions for me not to take certain shots especially if our family on both sides did not have a history of getting that certain disease. If it has never been in your bloodline why introduce your body to it right? (I know a lot of people have different strong opinions on this but I happen to agree) This has me thinking about the medical decisions I will have to make if/when I have children. It is such a heavy burden that can drastically effect your child’s life. If I can barely decide whether to take drugstore medicine or not now, I don’t know how I will decide what vaccine I want my child to take. But… it is one in the morning and I’m getting ahead of myself. That is my take on medicine at the moment. I want to know your thoughts about my thoughts, so feel free to let me know down below.

Talk to you soon.


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