It used to be really easy for me to find video inspiration for YouTube. I used to do a lot of trendy videos from makeup/beauty to challenges. But, I genuinely want to make those videos and did not just make them for clout, but because they were trendy, they did get more views. Now, I usually just vlog for my channel but I do like to vlog, but it just isn’t as entertaining. It’s hard to think of videos that are easier to do but are also entertaining to watch. I do have some ideas that will require a little more effort to make, and I’m actually thinking of making a whole other channel to post the videos, just because it is so different from anything I’ve posting and I  want to put more into the production of those videos.


On another topic, I watched one of Logan Pauls videos today and the dude is pretty inspiring, if I’m being honest. He said something like find something different that no one else is doing and make it your own; put your all into it and keep going full speed even when you start seeing results. I was like “damn” I really want to make waves in this world and I feel like there are so many expectations set on me that almost limit me, and I feel like if I do certain things I will make people in my life upset even though I would be doing what I love and what I want to do.


That was so generic, but I feel like there is so many different paths to life that you can take and you shouldn’t feel limited to one set path.


That is all for today thanks for listening.

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