2018 is approaching rapidly and I have a lot of goals I want to set.


I want to plan so that those goals are specific and attainable. In the past I have set lose goals like, “be healthier”, or “be nicer to people” but then forget about it within a matter of weeks. This year, I want to do something like a dream board where I can check of my goals as I accomplish them.


Another thing I want to make sure I do, is keeping up with my goal weekly. This way if the goal is not progressing I can sit down and think what are steps I can take to make this goal achievable and from there take those steps to achieve the goal instead of flaking or backing out of the goal. In order to keep up with the goals I think I will keep a journal just for my goals for 2018 and have sections where I write down the progress or lack of progress I have for each goal.


I will definitely have another post (probably on New Years Eve) going into detail about the goals I plan to set for 2018. For now, thank you for tuning in and I will talk to you next time.

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