I have come to a point in my life where I don’t crave people giving me material items as gift. I can hardly even conjure up a wish list. I really want to get experiences. I would rather someone gift me a day of adventure and fun or a cool trip than like a pair of shows (and I love my shoes). This is part of the reason I don’t like the connotations of Christmas and the stress of gift giving. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate ever gift I get will continue to do so, but I really want to make memories and have great days.

This is part of the reason I want to get an internship in Los Angeles this summer. I think there is so much to do, so many people to meet, and so many new things to try in Los Angeles. Living there for the summer would be such an amazing experience and just making some cool friends and meeting really cool people that I would not meet if I just spend another summer in San Francisco.

Another thing I really hope to have the opportunity to do soon is traveling. I have to meet people and make friends around the world and see the world. There is so much to experience, and I can’t wait till the day comes that I have the opportunity to do it all.

Experiences, make life more fulfilling, not money or material items.

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