One thing I have a constant struggle with is following through with the ideas or projects that I think of or start to plan out. A lot of times I will have a business idea or plan, and I will fully engage myself into the idea for two week and then will slowly stop. The same things happens with my creative idea for scripts and videos, but I have found a way that works for me to not forget about what I plan to do.

 Write it down 

This might seem self explanatory,  but for me, I need to continue to write it down in my planner every single day and continue to write my progress. If I see that I haven’t gotten anywhere in three days then I know that I need to focus more time on it.

Remember why you’re doing it 

You have to keep reminding yourself why you are doing it and what you want to achieve by doing it. If you don’t see a point to what you are doing then you will not feel motivated to keep following through with it.

Keep your tabs open 

This is a weird one, but it seems to work for me. Most people will bookmark a page and put it in the bookmarks bar so they see what they are working on in the bar, but I always just end up overlooking the bar. What I have started to do is keep the window or tab open with what I am working on. I get annoyed with so many tabs or windows open, so in my mind I will say “I need to finish doing that so I can close that tab/window”. This way I will work on things at a faster pace.


I hope these tips resonated with you in some way, because I use them in my day to day life. This was my blogmas day two post. See you tomorrow for day three.




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