It would be fair to say that Lil Pump is the next Kanye. Lil Pump is a musical genius. At just 17 years old he is making music that is topping the charts. He is a true lyricist. Just listen to his new song “Gucci Gang”. It starts off with him rapping “Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang (Gucci gang!)”. Literal genius! What amazing lyrics! Kanye better watch out for this youngster who is hot on his tracks.

Sike! No shade to Lil Pump, but his song lyrics are hilarious and lack substance (but I could say the same for a lot of rappers these days. Don’t get me wrong his rapping skills in general are not bad and I will occasionally listen to his music. He’s doing his own thing and making it so kudos to him. The real reason I have brought you all here is to share with you some artist that I think are underrated and deserve more attention.



Kamau is a Brazilian singer that has a very unique style of singing. I first discovered him through a viral video of his rendition of hey ya – Outkast. It was one of the best covers I’ve ever seen. I linked his song Gaims down below, which is definitely worth a listen.

H.E.R. & H.I.M.

H.E.R. & H.I.M. are two anonymous artists. I discovered them on YouTube from the mashup of their songs that I will link down below. The are not affiliated with each other that I know of, however they have matching aesthetics in the music they produce and the both have an R&B vibe.


I have loved Rachel Crow ever since X Factor. She is my age and I was rooting for her in everything she did. At age 14 she came out with her first single “Mean Girls” and then did some things with Nickelodeon while still posting some covers on Youtube. She took a little hiatus and has finally revived and released her first single of what I assume will be part of an album hopefully. The single is called Dime and it is honestly one of my favorite songs right now, definitely worth a listen.


Rak-Su  is a group on the X Factor UK. They auditioned with their own song, I’m Feeling You after Simon Cowell told them to sing their second song because he wasn’t feeling their first song. The group consists of singers, rappers, and a mouth percussionist. It’s a great combo.


I discovered James Arthur on X Factor years ago as well. He sing Tulisa’s Young and it is hands down one of the best X Factor auditions I’ve ever heard. He has such emotion and passion in everything he sing even in his work know. I know a lot of you are thinking “He is appreciated! What about Say You Won’t Let Go; that’s on the radio all the time” but he has a whole album that is so good and no one is giving it the attention it deserves. I linked Phoenix down below which is my second favorite song on the album after Sober.


I found Pat Ryan on Spotify Mix from his song goldfish, which I will link down below. He has such a smooth, clean vibe. I don’t know much about him but I’m pretty sure he started on Youtube and posted different kinds of videos around music. I can tell he is going to have a future in music.


I found Foggieraw on a Spotify mix as well. The song U Can’t Be My Baby (linked down below) is so clean, it really goes. I don’t listen to rap like that very often but it honestly a pretty good song. Kudos to the DJ on that song for such a clean beat.


Eryn Allen Kane’s vocals are honestly chilling. One of the best vocalists of this decade. I first heard her singing in my History of African Americans in Performing Arts class. Her song Have Mercy showcases her  beautiful voice and phenomenal vocal range.


Abhi the Nomad is an artist I found on a Spotify mix as well. His songs are so different than anything in mainstream as well. I reminds he a bit of KYLE with his stylistic rap. About Girls, which I will link below, is a song with an almost jazzy pop rap style. I don’t know how to explain it but you should definitely give it a listen.


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  1. Well expressed i really enjoyed reading it


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