For the past 3 and a half weeks I have been almost completely phoneless. It all started when my phone screen stopped responding to touch and seeing as it is a smart phone, that was a big issue. At first it stopped working only occasionally and I would be able to send at least one text before the screen stopped responding but after about 4 days it stopped working all together and I just started to leave my phone in my room. It was very scary in the beginning because I felt kind of lost without my phone, which says a lot about this generation (and me).

I would always get paranoid that I would somehow lose my friend and get lost i D.C with no way to search for directions, which made me realize I rely on Google Maps way too much. I did use a tablet occasionally, which was an amazon fire but I practically only used it as an alarm clock. I also did use my laptop to respond to texts at then end of the day and face time people one a week. After a while I adjust to this routine and got used to going day to day without a phone.

After about a week of being phoneless, I started to like not having to worry constantly about if I get a notification and responding to texts right away. I became out of touch with social media and with a lot of people which I felt bad about because I didn’t communicate with them as often but it also very refreshing. It felt almost like a cleanse. I feel like once I get a phone in the next week I will be able to not be so consumed in it. When I am with people, 9 times out of 10 they are on their phone scrolling, if we are not doing anything, and I find a way to preoccupy myself with the environment.

I challenge everyone to lock away their phone for one week and try to develop habits that help you engage in the environment around rather than what is on your phone.

Love you all.



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