Before I was looking at colleges to apply to last year, I was always told that private universities cost a lot a money and to not apply to them because it will only leave me in a terrible financial state. However, applying to private school end up working in my favor. I’ll give you all the advice I have in applying to colleges (specifically private schools) and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

When researching private schools make sure to look at all aspects of the school. Niche and YouTube were my key components of research. I would watch videos of students from different school talking about their experience at the school and people giving room or campus tours at the school. Niche has real student rating of different aspects of the school such as, Food, Housing, Party Scene, Student Life and Value. It is so useful because a lot of the reviews go so in depth really give you a feel for the school experience. The school website is also a very useful source. Sometimes you have to dig deep in the school website to get the information you need but looking at colleges is a timely. You have to realize that if you want to end up at a college you will enjoy, you have to put the time in to discover said college. 

I never had any trouble designating time for college research because I love that process and I actually spent way too much time looking at colleges. I was a college fanatic all throughout high school and could not wait to go to college until college actually rolled around and I was a nervous wreck.

Spend time on your essays. Don’t get them over edited or over perfected, let your personality shine through. This is a very one side piece of advice but, I didn’t even get a majority of my private school essays looked over by anyone because I didn’t want to feel pressure to be perfect and I have come to learn that a lot of colleges appreciate that (not all colleges so apply this with caution if you would like to).

After you have heard back from colleges, do not make any decisions until you receive financial aid. Even after you see that some school didn’t give you as much aid, DON’T RULE ANY SCHOOL OUT. Private schools can bend the rules because they set them. If you really want to go to a certain school and they didn’t give you any aid contact them and ask for more. IT NEVER HURTS TO ASK. If another school in the same playing field of the school you want to go to gave you a lot more aid, tell them that and show the that amount the other school and they may match that. Don’t give up on a school until you have final confirmation that they will not budge on the aid. I appealed to a school two times and got more money both times, unfortunately it was still not enough money, so I went to the school and asked a representative from the financial aid office if there is any possible way to get more aid from the school but they shut me down and I decided it was time to look at schools that offered me the amount of aid I deserve.

More advice soon to come.

See you soon.


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