In many ways, so far I’ve seen college as very similar to high school but with more opportunities. I mean this is basically every aspect socially, academically, and athletically. Socially I feel like it has the same components of high school. There is the drama, the few mean people and some cliques. I wish that everyone was just nice to each other and didn’t gossip and didn’t judge people and didn’t make people feel less than because that’s honestly the worst. I wish that now that we are in college, people would talk out what they are feeling face to face in stead of leaving them in the dark. If you don’t know something is wrong, you can’t do anything to fix it. I personally have become more of a floater and started talking to different groups of people because I have not yet found that one group of people I really fit in with yet and I am okay with that. At first I felt a little left out and excluded but I realized that this would give me room to meet new people. 

Academically, my classes remind me a lot of high school but they have a lot more reading and the reading is a lot more boring at time but there are some really interesting pieces that we read. I like having the liberty of choosing my classes and changing my schedule. It makes me feel like I am in control of my education, which is something I did not feel in high school. I feel like there is also a lot more opportunity to get help in college with the office hours and all the different services the school offers.

My school is not as involved in athletics as other schools might be but, there is always a way to get incloved in sports. In high school there were teams which most people would make but in college there is the opportunity to play on the school, club, or intermural, sports team. It maximizes your opportunity to get involved in athletics.

I think that the opportunities college gives you makes it more worth it to attend however the price tag on it is a lot for what it gives you. Don’t get me wrong, I love college so far (for the most part) but the thousands of dollars we are paying should give us some guarantee of something.


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