Last Saturday, during welcome week I went to my schools ASAP Ferg concert. Granted, I had no idea who ASAP Ferg was and had never heard any of his music before I heard about this concert, it was not the best concert I had ever been to. The show opened up with Respect the Bando, who kept the crowd pretty live and I could definitely vibe with some of their music (not that I would really ever listen to it again). They are a local D.C. group that makes trap type music. After a few minutes of waiting, Rico Nasty came on and the crowd wasn’t pleased. The crowd kept chanting “Asap” during her set and she got upset and apparently left halfway through and refused to go back on. But that is understandable because it was pretty disrespectful that people were chanting over her lyrics for Asap Ferg. I get that we were all waiting for a while for Ferg to come on but a few more minutes wouldn’t kill you and Rico Nasty going off early made the wait seem longer. Anyways, Asap Ferg finally came on and it was all the way lit. The white boys in the crowd we getting a bit too rowdy for my liking. I got elbowed in the stomach and all of them kept jumping and being rowdy and sweaty….. it was an experience, I’ll say that. The mosh pit type wild jumping went on for the remainder of the performance and I one point I lost half of my group but it was a fun night. Asap came in the crowd and was right in front of me and I got it on snap chat and at the end me and my friends were just dancing at the back of the crowd and enjoying his last song and then we called it a night. 

Hope you all enjoyed this blog post, stay tuned for a new one tomorrow!


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