Two days ago, I was blessed with a meal from Washington D.C’s very own Mexican Restuarant, El Chucho.  My Father took me and my mom to the little restaurant because he had been to it on a previous trip to D.C and he loved it. 

First, we ordered our drinks. I ordered the Blackberry drink, my mom ordered the ginger drink, and my dad ordered the starberry drink. They were all pretty refreshing and good however I don’t think they were good enough for me to want to order the drinks again.

Next, we order the Elotes, which tasted amazing. The corn was dressed with this brown butter, cheese, and a little bit of chile powder. It was then drizzled with this sauce that was so good! It was honestly the best Elotes I have ever had. Elotes is a must have if you go to this restaurant.

Lastly, our tacos and main dishes came. I ordered a carne asada and then shared the pork tacos with my dad. My parents also ordered their own meals which I did not get to try but I did get pictures of them.

This restaurant was so good and had really good prices so I reccmend coming  here for a real good time. I would give it an 4.5 out of 5 stars!


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