In college, there are there are three main categories of people, the hard core party people, the normal ones, and the very low-key people. I’d like to think I’m one of the normal ones but I have encountered people in every category so far in my college experience.

Today I was away for the campus, for the most part, finishing my dorm shopping, dropping my mom off at the airport, eating lunch, and then making a trip to the thrift store. When I finally came back it was about 5 pm and I finished setting up my dorm which took about 30 minutes and then I had nothing to do. I didn’t have anyone’s number except my roommates, but I didn’t want to text her because I don’t want to cling onto my roommate and I need to make my own friends. So after about an hour of watching YouTube videos and browsing on Amazon, I Facetime my sister and show her around my dorm and hall. When I was showing my sister around the hall I came across this group of people in a room with their laptops, looking up their Hogwarts house and I asked them if I could join them and they said yes so I wrapped up my phone call with my sister and grabbed my laptop and joined them and it was just fun times all around for like two hours and then we were invited to join a whole bunch of more people that were just chilling out with music at a different building on campus. The lesson of this little snippet is: walk around and join people in what they are doing because everyone loves a little more company. After chilling out in the other building our group left the bigger group and migrating to one of our rooms and were just solving riddles and playing games with her dorm door wide open. Then the guy and girl wander in a little off their wagon if you know what I mean and the guy wants us to add him on snap chat and the girl was just being a bit much frankly, they finally left and we closed the door for the rest of the night. Some other people told us little situation that happened with them throughout the night which was quite funny but we got to talking to other people on our floor and me and a few other girls just decided to leave a little after 2 to get ready to sleep because we have orientation tomorrow in approximately 6 hours from now. Man, college is wild.


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