Today was my college move in day. It started off with my parents and I doing some last-minute dorm shopping and then finally after several trips to different shops coming to my campus to move-in. Moving in was a gruesome process. We had to wait an hour or so in a car line to move in and it got to the point where we just took my stuff out of our rental car while it was in the car line and walked in all the way to my dorm, up the stairs to the third floor. When we finally got to the front of my dorm in the car line I only had two boxes left to carry. After we got all of my stuff in my dorm, we decided to get a very late lunch at 4:30 at this place that I will be posting a review for tomorrow. They had Mexican food which was really good and after we ate we got Frozen Yogurt and then headed back to my dorm to unpack.

We unpacked everything after about an hour and then my parents left the campus. After my parents left, I was a little scared because I hadn’t met anyone yet and I felt like people already knew each other and my roommate was gone at the moment so I was alone. So, I decided to walk around my floor and just see things, which made me feel more like a loner. But, when 9 pm came around and we had our floor meeting I felt more okay. Everyone from our floor was there and we all introduced ourselves and told one interesting fact. Everyone laughed when I told my interesting fact and they thought I was cool because I’m from California. (Also I got complimented on my shoes so many times today, BLESS UP) After the floor meeting, we all went to the night social, which was breakfast at night. I sat with my roommate, two other girls, and four guys. The guys were telling these crazy stories about drugs and sex which I pretended to be intently listening to but I actually could not relate and frankly didn’t care about their stories. I met this girl named Naila who is pretty cool and this other girl named Lauren who is cool as well and introduced me to this new song that chance the rapper is featured in. I love my roommate, she is so chill and sweet too. After pancakes, we came back to the dorm and started talking to our RAs who are super chill and we also met a new group of girls. Then the girls and I went to the lounge and started talking and our group became a huge group of people and this guy, Hunter (who was at the breakfast for dinner table with me earlier) mentioned he had a SoundCloud, then all of a sudden he whips out his guitar and starts singing and then we play a huge game of Cards Against Humanity which was fun. People that were from a different dorm hall even came to join us. It was overall a good first day of college, which is not really college yet.

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  1. My nephew just started there as well. Well at least I think he did. I believe it will be Political Science…I wish you and all those who are returning or starting their college life much luck. Enjoy all that it brings you.


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