Yesterday, I spent 6 hours on a plane to Washington, D.C. On top of that, I lost three hours, so I basically spent 9 hours of traveling (not really, but you get what I mean). The good news is I am not very jet lagged but my sleeping schedule is still off.

One thing about D.C that I don’t like is that it is SO humid, I felt the humidity as soon as I stepped off the plane. It was hard to breathe in the humidity with the heat, but I eventually adjusted. After I landed in D.C, my mom and I went straight to our hotel grabbed, a late dinner at 11 pm, which was quite difficult because basically everything was closed and we are in such a boujee part of the city. We ended up ordering to-go at the cheesecake factory because it was the only thing open and then going back to the hotel.

Today, I visited my college, which was so much nicer than I thought it would be. Like WOW I was impressed, but it was hella hot (can’t wait to get roasted for my NorCal lingo). I walked around a little bit but then it started to get late and I had a lot of shopping to do so we left the campus and ubered to a shopping complex to do some dorm shopping.

Dorm shopping is tiring. I get headaches from shopping as is, but having an agenda made it worse. I was happy that I was able to find my perfect bed set after going to 4 places because I was not satisfied with any of the other bed sets. One thing that was really helpful in my dorm shopping was having a specific theme in mind for my room and not straying from it. Some people might see it as stubbornness but it is your room that YOU will be living in for the next year so do what you want.

Money saving tip: Go to dollar tree for some little organizational things for your room because they actually have a few decent things. (I got a black metal organizer and a black metal pot holder from the dollar tree)

The difficult part of today was constantly holding all of the stuff we bought and ubering from store to store and then ubering back to the hotel (and you know damn well that we used uber pool because we frugal).

While we were ubering back the hotel the mainiest thing happened. We got in the uber and it was all dandy, the sun was shining and it was humid as usual; the uber was driving and then BAM BOOM. THUNDER AND LIGHTING AND WIND AND RAIN CAME OUT OF THE CUTS AND IT WAS A FULL BLOWN THUNDERSTORM. When I say out of the cuts, it REALLY came out of nowhere and happened so fast. These two ladies joined our uber soaking wet and struggling to get out of the rain while my mom and I were sitting in the uber all dry and collected. What was really funny was that by the time we got to our hotel the rain stopped and everything was fine.

We got to the hotel and struggled into the elevator with all the dorm stuff I bought. Then we put all the stuff in our hotel room and then we ate dinner at the hotel restaurant because my mom was afraid to leave the hotel (she thought another thunderstorm would happen if we left the hotel).

I now end my day by editing and posting a YouTube video and writing this blog post. I hope you all enjoyed it (and enjoy these pictures I took of the city)!


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