Today was my last full day in San Francisco and I got to experience a part of the city I have never fully explored yet. I ate breakfast with my friend, Chloe (I have decided to use names now because just saying “friend” gets annoying and confusing) at Arts Cafe, which is this really cute, Korean influenced cafe, and then we decided to go to Botanical Gardens.

I can’t even remember the last time I went to Botanical Gardens before today. It felt like I was seeing a whole different side of Golden Gate Park. When you walk in there is a ticket booth and you just need to show your I.D. if you are a San Francisco resident because it is free admission, otherwise you have to pay a fee.

Botanical Gardens is really big and it took us about an hour and a half to finish what I believe was the whole thing. The Gardens are sectioned off into different areas based on the different types of plants. For example, there was the South Africa Garden and the Australian garden, which each had different plants based on the native plants from that country. My personal favorite areas were the redwood forest and the succulent garden. The redwood forest just had such a fresh smelling atmosphere; it just smelled like clean air and like pure nature. I loved the succulent garden because I just love succulent plants in general and I like the look of desert type plants.

I am really glad I went to the Botanical Gardens before I left becauseĀ it added to my appreciation of this city and deepened my realization of how great it is.


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