I love food, and I have come to enjoy talking about food as well. If you know me, you’d know that my favorite food is macaroni and cheese. I mean if I go to a restaurant and there is mac and cheese on the menu, you best believe I’m trying that mac and cheese. When I heard there was a restaurant in San Francisco with a menu full of just mac and cheese I was hyped, beyond excited,  stoked to the max. So, a few days ago I went down to the marina with my friends to Mac’d.

We went in and looked at the menu to decide what to get. They allow you to choose the type of pasta you want: elbow, shell, or cauliflower. Then you choose what type of sauce you want and they give a selection of add-ins you can get. Finally, you decide what you want your mac and cheese to be topped off with.

For some unknown reason I decided to get hot dog and bacon as add-ins and I added Hot Cheeto crumbs to top it off. The bacon part was fine but I have no idea WHY ON EARTH I GOT HOT DOG IN IT. Anyways, after you order you are able to see the worker cook your food in a pan in front of you. Then the worker will call your name and give you your food.

It smelt and looked so good when I first got my food. It was hard to restrain myself from devouring it before I took my pictures. I took my first bite and it was like a flavor bomb in my mouth. It was so cheesy, I got a piece of bacon in it, a piece of hot dog, and some of the hot Cheeto crumbs. Mac and cheese and bacon is always a good combo and the Cheetos gave it a nice kick and crunch. The hot dog was under cooked though, in my opinion. I usually like my hot dogs grilled but it seemed like it was boiled but it is mainly my fault for even getting a hot dog in my mac and cheese. The hot dog had almost a spam-like texture, which I did not like.

Besides the hot dog, the mac and cheese were really really good, but it fell a little below my expectations. I have really high standards for mac and cheese. Overall I would give Mac’d 3.5 out of 5 stars. I am a really harsh critic, wow.

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