The past couple of days I have been packing for college. It has been a very heart wrenching and stressful process. I think I really took in that I was leaving when I was taking all of my photographs off my bedroom wall. I even got teary eyed when looking at the pictures and remembering all the memories I have had in this city. It is crazy how fast these years have gone by. At the time it felt like forever but forever is gone very fast in the grand scheme of things.

If you are in high school or even middle school still, treasure the time you have. It’s hard to realize it now, but you’ll really miss your days in school even if you hated it. Just the thought of being really young again and having little to no worries sounds nice. You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone.

To those of you who are still in high school: Make memories that will last a lifetime, go out and meet new people, push yourself to talk to people you otherwise wouldn’t, and hold your parent(s) close don’t push them away. Out of all these tips, the last one is the most important. You won’t have your parent(s) by your side forever and you will really miss them while you’re gone. Form a relationship with your parent(s) because they love you and will alway be there for you no matter what. ,

I am very excited to be heading off to college in four days but I am so scared to be leaving the city that I have become so accustomed to. College will be quite the ride and I’m glad I can take you guys along with me.


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