Throughout middle school and part of high school, I was always hesitant to do things because I was scared of what my peers would think. This was one of my biggest regrets. From the way I acted and dressed you would probably think that I could care less about what anyone thought, and for the most part I didn’t care, but part of me was holding back on doing certain things out of fear of embarrassment. I remember when vine first came out, I loved it. I would always make funny vines but would be afraid to post them because I thought people I knew might think they were stupid. What I wasn’t aware of is NO ONE CARES. No one is that invested in your life to point out every dumb thing you do, so stop being so self-conscious. I would rather be embarrassed than dissatisfied and regretful. In the future, if you don’t do those things that might be a little embarrassing you might just regret that decision and feel unsatisfied with how you’ve lived or continue to reminisce on what could’ve been. DON’T LET YOURSELF BE EMBARRASSED TOO EASILY! BE SILLY AND BE PROUD OF ALL YOUR QUIRKS!


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