This post is mainly for the youngsters out there who are sitting at home bored during the summer. For a majority of the summer, I struggled with this same problem. I felt unmotivated and unproductive, just sitting at home and doing practically nothing. That is one of the worst ways to feel because you CAN do something to change that. Fortunately for you, I am here to help you with your problems and give you some great tips to fix them. Here we go!


  1. GO TO CONCERTS! I went to two concerts this summer! (lowkey was supposed to go to four) And they were the best times, I’ve had in a while. I went to one with my sister and one with my mom, but it was still very fun. There is nothing like, dancing and screaming at the top of your lungs to songs you love. I suggest going on Eventbrite or StubHub and seeing if there are any band playing soon with cheap tickets. If you don’t know the band just look them up and give their music a listen and if you like it just go to their concert and have a good time. With concerts, your experience is not necessarily based off of the musician or band you go to see, it’s really dependent on the person or people you go with. I went to a Bea Miller concert with my sister (because I’m such a nice sister, I even bought my own ticket, like damn, I’m hella nice, I even bought us dinner that night) and I don’t even listen to her music that much, but because I was with my sister I enjoyed it.
  2. LOOK FOR LOCAL EVENTS TO GO TO. I went to a workshop at Lyft head quarters and the Brave New Voices poetry slam in July and learned a lot and listened to a lot of great speakers. I heard about the workshop through my advisor, but I later saw that it was also on Facebook events. I also knew about Brave New Voices from prior experience, but that event is also advertised on, facebook, and Eventbrite. I recommend using your cities local event website to find events to go to, along with Facebook and Eventbrite.
  3. MAKE PLANS WITH YOUR FRIENDS. I know, I know, I’m such a hypocrite because I rarely hang out with my friends. (BOI YOU THOUGHT BECAUSE THESE PAST FEW DAYS IVE BEEN HANGING WITH MY FRIENDS that’s why I didn’t post yesterday, I’m sorry it won’t happen again) If your friend says they’re busy just schedule a set date in the future so it is set in stone. Also, try hitting up friends you might not normally hang out with because you will probably learn a lot about them that you didn’t really know.
  4. APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS. I know this seems boring, but if you put in work, you will see results. Apply for a lot, and any scholarship you get is basically free money for school, and school is EXPENSIVE so get applying.
  5. BABYSIT, HOUSE SIT, PLANT SIT, OR DOG SIT. All of these can get you those denaros. DOLLAR DOLLAR BILLS YA’LL. But you should put up flyers and join different apps that can connect you with people to work for.
  6. JOIN A GYM. I have taken up working out this summer and it is really refreshing. I really enjoy the feeling after a good workout. Your body as starts to look more shapely which is good for the upcoming school year if you know what I’m saying. 😉
  7. DO POSTMATES OR UBER EATS. I believe you have to be 18 for these too, which sucks, but it is worth the wait because cash money dolla $igns.This is a great way to get some leg work in while making bank. You can either deliver on foot or by bike. I recommend biking because ain’t nobody trying to walk across the city, just hop on a bike and vroom vroom “at your service”.
  8. BRAINSTORM A BUSINESS. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to have my own business. This summer I started thinking about plans to execute for said business and I brainstormed some brand ideas with my brother. Summer is the perfect time for innovation. #staytunedin2018forthecomeupjknotreallybutreallyyoullsee
  9. FIND YOUR CREATIVE OUTLET. I personally found blogging and youtube, but you can find other outlets like journaling or photography, just get out there and explore. I also started writing scripts that I want to turn into short films eventually and I started writing a book a while back and I want to continue it soon.
  10. COOK. I have loved cooking from very young and I still enjoy it a lot. Learn to cook if you don’t know how because you will eventually need to. It’s an essential life tool. Trey out of the book recipes and challenge yourself maybe try new lifestyles of cooking, like veganism or vegetarianism. MAke it FuN and ask friends to come over for meals or even better, cook with you.


Hope you all enjoyed this post, new post coming tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening, stay tuned. Peace, love, Ca$h Money Dolla $ign$.


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