For score and seven years ago I came across a restaurant called Korean Kitchen. I ventured off to Korean Kitchen with a good friend of mine because we wanted Korean food, but Manna (a popular Korean restaurant down the street) was closed. The restaurant itself was quite small and cramped, but as soon as you enter there is a great waft of Korean food cooking.

We have seated right away and soon after a waitress was taking our order. You can choose the level of spiciness you want in their dishes, which I feel is a very cool element to have. We decided to order the Kimchi Fried Rice and Jab Chae, which are my go tos when getting Korean (yikes, I act like an expert but I’ve only had Korean food like three times). After they took our order, they brought the little stuff (I am honestly the worst at describing things) I liked the fish cakes, but not to compare, I like the one’s Manna brings out better.


Next, they brought out our main courses, the Kimchi Fried Rice, and Jab Chae. They were both so good. The Fried Rice had just the right amount of spice and the flavor was just right (In my opinion it is even better than the Manna Kimchi Fried Rice). I couldn’t stop eating it because it was just that good. I finished my whole portion of the fried rice before I even started eating the Jab Chae. When I got to the Jab, Chae it was like a flavor explosion in my mouth. IT WAS SO FREAKIN GOOD. The flavor was phenomenal. I would honestly give Korean Kitchen a five out of five for this visit.


As you can probably tell, I love food a lot and if I could get paid to eat food and talk about it for a living, I would. (If you’re in need for a food critic hit me up for real) you can call me #bitotathefoodcritic. Honestly, I am too much. Stay tuned for a new post in a few hours!


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