This is the first of my college posts. I am going to share with you how I found all the colleges I applied to and throughout my many posts you will see my whole college process and it will go into my current college experience. Here we go!


The main tool I used to search for colleges was YouTube. Youtube is like the college Bible if you want to know the ins and outs of different colleges. Unfortunately, some colleges don’t have many videos about their school (like my college, smh how did I end up going here). I watched every type of college video there was last summer, dorm tours, campus tour, dorm hauls, college experiences, transfer experiences, I had playlists on playlists of videos. I think a specific dorm tour made me apply to the University of Dayton, which I late was just like “Why the heck did I apply there”. I fell in love with Loyola Marymount University through watch Cassius Pettit on YouTube. I am still so sad that I couldn’t go there because they gave me ZERO AID, but we’ll get into that in a different post. His videos LITERALLY made LMU look like the dream college and then I was even more hooked when I visited the campus myself. I saw Cassius for like point two seconds and we made eye contact and I freaked out a little because I am a huge fan of his videography, like it is WOW you guys should check his channel out.

My number two resource was College Niche. It allows you to see student responses talking about almost every aspect of colleges. I usually looked at it to see what the students said about the dorms, food, social life, and academics. This was a very helpful tool, A1 resource if I do say so myself. Some students actually give really good tips on this site. It would probably be a good tool even after you are in the college.

My third resource is the college’s website. I feel like this is an obvious resource but it is very fundamental to get important information about a college. You should use to site to research what majors they have and even if you are not sure what your major will be, make sure they have the majors you may possibly want to go into. I also looked at the dining hall menus and food because as you can tell from my other posts, I’m really into food and if my college doesn’t have good food I’d probably be miserable. I also want a college that will give me an experience so I make sure to look at the clubs and student activities on the site as well. These are a broader description of my process of choosing colleges but, I will go into more specific posts on how I got down to my list of 10 private schools that I applied to. Stay tuned for those posts because I have a lot more to say and I can’t wait to talk about how frustrating financial aid is.


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