Recently, I’ve really been on that grind (jk, but forreal). Ever since I’ve started this blog I’ve dedicated more time to researching how to make it better, writing posts, filming videos, focusing on Instagram analytics and whatnot. The only problem is that with me being so focused on all of this internet stuff, I’ve been slacking on fitness and health. That is something I really hope to focus on more in the next coming weeks and throughout college. However, back to the focusing on blogging thing, I am looking for more resources to market my blog and how to properly use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog but it is very frustrating. I know in the end all the frustration will be worth it and I will start to see results but for now, it’s just causing me a massive headache. If you are a blogger and have some insight feel free to comment down below or email me because your girl needs all the help she can get.

Even before I started my blog, I was doing research about blogging. With anything that you do I recommend that you but your 101% in it because you will not get the results you want if you don’t. I have wanted to make a blog for a while and I am doing everything in my power to make it the best blog I can. Over the years I’ve learned if you want to be successful in anything you have to use every resource you have, even if it means making some sacrifices. I challenge all of you to work towards something you’ve always been really passionate about and make a sacrifice or two. Stop being lazy, like I was for the majority of this summer, and pursue something you love. You don’t have to start huge, maybe it is a smaller thing like if you love gardening, helping out in a community garden. At least think about something you really want to do and make a plan to go through with it.

I feel that it will be beneficial for me to start using a planner/calendar to organize all my time. I will definitely update you all about this journey in organization and time management. I also think that tomorrow of sometime very soon, I will start posting about college and the process I went through because I feel like that segment can really help a lot of people. Applying to college was a really confusing time for me and I did a lot of research, so I think I will post everything I used for college research and all the decisions I had to make. Stay tuned! This was a shorter post but a new blog post should also be coming tonight.


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