In middle school, I had the worst style you could imagine. I’m not just talking about the cringy trends that went around like, suspenders, I literally had a style out of this world. I used to wear headbands with frizzy pink bow (I wore it for a picture day and it was by far the worst picture of my entire school career), I wore zebra striped pants (ZEBRA STRIPED PANTS I’m deceased), I wore neon clothing (I even had this neon outfit I would wear with lime green jeans, a neon green hat with a fuzzy ball on top, and this neon yellow jack with Christmas patterns), and a whole bunch of other wild outfits. I don’t even want to put the pictures on here because they were honestly so cringy. I can’t even believe my parents let me leave the house like that. Knowing my parent and knowing me, they probably did not want me leaving the house like that, but I was so convinced that my outfit was so bomb that I defied their wishes. This phase of wild clothing went on until the end of my freshman year in high and then from sophomore to junior year I gave up on everything and basically wore sweatpants and hoodies to school every day. At

At this point, I was starting to think I was fashion impaired and didn’t really know how to dress. It was hard because I tried to look at how other girls dressed but I could never really see myself dressing that way. I watched some youtube videos and then I discovered Shein and Romwe (I swear I am not sponsored to say this lol) through Emily Lee (she’s a super dope Youtuber). They had really cool hoodies, but not just plain hoodies that were worn to dress down like I used to wear, they were stylish hoodies with a boyish kinda feel but still really cute. After I worked for the summer I started buying clothes. I would often scroll through Instagram on the explore page and just see what types of styles I like. Then I got really into street wear style and started looking at a lot different smaller clothing companies. I continued watching different YouTubers to get style inspiration. I would say my two biggest style influences are Emily Lee and Tana Mongeau. Emily got me to really go more out there with my outfits and just helped me to not care as much about what people think of me based on what I wear and whether or not my outfit was societally viewed as cute (She also helped me get a lot more confidence with having short hair because people mistake me for a boy sometimes and it just gets hard at times but she OWNS it and just could care less what people think, but I’ll get more into that in a different post). I think Tana just specifically introduced me to some of my fashion choices. I got checkered and black Old Skool Vans because I saw her wearing them and I thought they looked really cool and just rad and I really want the Old Skool Vans with flames on them. I also have a slight obsession with shoes that started about a year ago and I impulsively buy shoes and clothes way too much for my own good.

All in all, I think if you are struggling with fashion, you just need to look for inspiration. Look at Instagram and save the outfits you think you would wear, watch lookbooks on YouTube and create a playlist of the best one, even go on Polyvore(throwback) and see outfits people put together. Remember there is a difference in things you think are cute and things you think you would wear. In the past, I have impulsively bought things I thought were cute but there is no point in doing that if you never wear it. I’m preaching to my online shopaholic persona.

Here is an outfit I wore a few days ago that I really loved. I’ve been getting really into Yellow and I wear my new Vans so much now. I made this tube top from the bottom part of an oversized tee shirt. The jean jacket is from Romwe. The leggings are from Cotton On (I got them on Black Friday, a few years ago). Then last but definitely not least, I am wearing checkered and black Old Skool Vans.


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