Yesterday, I headed out for lunch with my mom and sister. We originally planned to eat at a Korean restaurant on Irving, called Manna. When we got there we saw that is was closed and went down the street to look for another place to eat. When I saw that San Tung’s was down the street and remembered that a friend of mine often goes there and said that is was really good. We got there and my sister put her name on the waiting list and then we proceeded to wait for about 20 minutes before we were seated. We were seated and it took a bit for the waitress to take our order (not too long but I noticed that two people seated after us got their order taken about 3 minutes before us (I know it is like nothing but your girl was HUNGRY)). She took our order and came back in just 2 minutes with our soups that came with the lunch meals. (she even added one on the house for my sister who just ordered chow mein for her meal)

(Sorry, these pictures are not great. I forget my camera and had to take them on my phone)


Personally, the sweet and sour soup was really good when it first arrived piping hot because I like my soups HOT, but after a while when it got lukewarm it wasn’t good. (I don’t know if it was because I was really hungry at first and scarfed the soup down, so it tasted good to me and then when I ate more it wasn’t as good or if it just wasn’t that good)


Next came their infamous dry chicken wings with a sweet, tangy sauce. When I tell you these wings were bomb, THESE WINGS WERE HELLA FREAKING BOMB.  I could genuinely eat these wings for an entire meal. I ate four of them and I still wanted more!


My sister’s chow mein came next. I tried a little of it and it is honestly not that great at all. I’ve had much better. When it came it wasn’t that hot and there wasn’t much flavor in it, I’m glad I didn’t order it because I would’ve been mad about it.


Next came the rice for both my mom and I’s main courses. It was a good amount of rice for two people. Not much to say about it. (I didn’t take a picture of my mom’s meal because it had mushrooms in it and I don’t eat mushrooms so I didn’t try it)


Finally came my main course. It came piping hot (which I love) and on a pretty big plate. I got a yellow beef curry, with some veggies in it. I feel like it tasted like a really good curry, not too strong of the spices but also not too little spices. It was just right.

All in all, for my first visit to San Tung, I will give it 7/10 stars! When I go back I will definitely be getting their dry chicken with sauce again and will have to try their black bean paste noodles because I have heard good things about that! Tune in for more reviews by subscribing to this blog!


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