Lately, I’ve been finding it a lot harder to eat healthily. I just love chips too much to ever give them up. Every time I go out and find myself getting a little hungry, my mind immediately goes to chips. The only restraint I have is not having money, so I guess being broke comes in handy sometimes. Anyways, because of my unhealthy habits, I decided I will be vegetarian throughout college to help me remain healthy. Ain’t no Freshman 15 gonna slow ME down. I know, I know. “Just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t automatically mean you will be healthy.” For me, every time I’ve been a vegetarian, I find myself making more health conscious choices.

Last year I was vegetarian for the first month of summer and my body felt a little better because I wasn’t feeding it a whole bunch of crap. I know it will be really hard for me because I have never not eaten meat for that long but I hope I  will have enough will power. I never told anyone this but when I was vegetarian for a month, I cheated on the first week. I was over at a friends house, making breakfast with like five other people, and when no one was looking a took a small piece of sausage and ate it. BUT MAN THAT LITTLE PIECE OF SAUSAGE TASTED LIKE THE BEST SAUSAGE ON THE WHOLE DAMN PLANET EARTH AT THE TIME. That is why I say I only lasted a month when it was really almost a month and a half. However, that was the only time I cheated on that vegetarian phase of my life. I also went vegetarian for two weeks in seventh grade. That was the first time I ever tried vegetarianism and it was HORR-I-BLE. I literally ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, two weeks straight because I didn’t really know what else I could have. Those whole to weeks I would also eat tomato soup with beans because that was the only thing I knew how to make. Then one hot Saturday Night, my family and I went to this family party my mom’s friend was hosting. We got there they had a bounce house and everything, but I was focused on the food because I was hungry. When I was hungry I got very hangry/sanry(sad and angry); anyone in my family could vouch for that. (It’s not something I like to admit but I used to cry when I got really hungry up until the end of 7th grade) Since this party was a Black, specifically African, party you know that basically every food there got meat in it. I sat inside the house of the party boppin to the music, trying to not think about how hungry I am. Sudden for the fifth time that night a man with a tray of meatballs walked by and I just couldn’t take it. I ran and snatched about five meatballs of the platter and devoured them in a matter of seconds.

thumbs upMoral of the story, self-restraint is hard. I encourage you all to make a plan for your health in this upcoming year, whether you’re going to college, high school, or anywhere else in life. Keep up with this blog because during college I will be posting my meal preps and all my meals in general. I am thinking of posting fitness segments as well, but I am still deciding if I should. Comment down below if you think I should also post about my fitness.


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